Is an Eye Exam Preventive Care?

Yes, an eye exam is a form of preventive care. During an eye exam, your eye doctor assesses your eyes to determine the quality of your vision and diagnose any eye conditions. Your doctor can prevent a condition from occurring or worsening by identifying health issues. So, eye exams are preventive care.

For this reason, you should schedule an eye exam with your eye doctor in Northwest Florida based on their recommendations or at least once a year. Regularly scheduled exams can help you maintain quality vision and prevent costly eye treatments down the road.

What is Preventive Care?

Preventive eye care is any form of medical evaluation or treatment that prevents vision and vision-related health problems. Preventive care services may include patient counseling, check-ups after treatment and routine eye exams. Depending on the type of eye doctor you need, different services are available.

In most cases, you can go to a standard eye doctor to get an eye exam, without needing to see a specialist. An eye doctor can perform a comprehensive eye exam that can identify an eye condition or help prevent one from occurring.

Types of Preventive Eye Care

Comprehensive vision care includes preventive testing and services, including:

Routine Eye Exams

Your doctor may recommend a routine eye exam at least once a year. A few basic tests are performed during an exam, including a color sensitivity test, a peripheral vision test, a glaucoma test and a cover test, to determine how well your eyes work together.

Eyewear Updates

Preventive care includes updating your eyewear when medically necessary. Your doctor may perform a series of vision tests to determine if you need new prescription glasses or contact lenses. If so, you can get new prescriptions to prevent further damage to your eyes.

Eye Disease Screening

A vision screening is a brief exam that looks for potential vision problems and eye disorders. A primary eye doctor can perform screenings for children and adults as a part of a routine eye exam or for those experiencing vision problems.


If you have recently received treatment for an eye condition, check-ups are an important part of your recovery. How often check-ups are scheduled depends on your condition, treatment and recovery progress.

What Are the Benefits of Eye Exams?

There are several benefits of scheduling an eye exam at least once a year:

Eye Exams Give Insights into Your Overall Health

An eye exam can support your overall health. For example, your eye doctor can spot early signs of diabetes, if you are at higher risk of heart disease and even indications that you may have cancer. Eye exams check more than your vision.

Your Doctor Can Assess Your Eye’s Structural Health

Many parts work together in your eyes to provide clear vision, including the lens, cornea, sclera, blood vessels, choroid, iris and ciliary body. An eye exam can ensure that these parts are in excellent health and are working well together to give you optimal vision.

Glaucoma and Cataract Prevention

Two of the most common eye problems are glaucoma and cataracts. They are linked to multiple health problems and to aging. If undetected, these conditions can slowly worsen before there are any symptoms.

You Save Money on Major Medical Procedures

As an eye condition worsens, it becomes more costly to treat. If left untreated, what could have been a preventative measure, costing a few hundred dollars, could suddenly become a major problem, costing thousands of dollars. An eye exam can keep your medical costs low.

Does Insurance Cover Eye Exams?

Health insurance and vision insurance providers are starting to see the value of preventative care. As a result, more insurers are providing coverage for eye exams. However, don’t assume that your plan will cover your eye exams. Not all providers are on board with preventive eye care.

Before you schedule an eye exam, you need to check with your insurance provider to see if your health or vision insurance plan covers eye exams. You also need to check with your eye doctor to make sure they accept your insurance plan.

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