What You Need to Know About Contact Prescriptions

The right contact lenses preserve and enhance your vision, giving you full-spectrum sight in all directions. However, the wrong contact lenses can damage your eyes and give you permanent vision problems. So, it’s important to follow the proper procedure when buying contact lenses.  The first step is to find a reputable, licensed eye doctor in…

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How Progressive Lenses Have Advanced

Progressive lenses have become popular with our clients due to their seamless structure, flexible viewing, durability and low cost. At their core, progressives give you line-free multifocal glasses. You get a seamless progression from your lenses that deliver magnifying power at close and intermediate ranges.  Each lens changes gradually from point to point on the…

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Close up of a contact lens on finger

Your Guide to Multifocal Contacts

If you have refractive vision problems or trouble with your vision as you get older, you may benefit from multifocal contact lenses. Multifocal contacts provide clear vision at all distances, and they can improve your condition if you have a condition such as presbyopia, which means you need to hold objects at a distance to…

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