Tips to Enjoy the Holidays Safely

As gift wish lists are checked off, it’s hard not to think of Ralphie in the holiday classic A Christmas Story. All he wanted was an official Red Ryder carbine action BB gun! While it’s a good laugh, there are definitely some toys we know to flag as unsafe. But there are some other parts of the holiday season that may not seem as obvious for safety risks to your eyes. In recognition of Safe Toys and Celebrations Month, here are some tips for celebrating the holidays safely.


From decorating trees to lighting festive candles, the holiday season brings no shortage of eye hazards. Keep an eye out for stray branches when carrying your tree home – and trim back any low branches that could poke children in the eye when they are reaching under the tree for their presents. Be careful around glass and pointed ornaments on the tree or around the house. Keep them out of the reach of children. Also consider using flameless or battery powered festive candles.


Follow the age recommendations for children’s toys. A recent study shows that 96% of parents do not follow age labels and recommendations for toys. These suggestions are based on developmental abilities at a given age and prevent misuse of a toy and potential injury.

If you do go the route of BB, pellet and paintball guns, provide protective eyeglasses for children using these items. These guns should only be used with adult supervision. 

While toys such as foam-dart-shooting guns might appear safe due to the soft projectiles, they can cause serious eye injury. Instruct children not to aim for the face while playing with these toys, and always supervise them during play. 


A champagne cork can shoot out at nearly 50 mph, so take a few seconds to aim the bottle away from your and other people’s eyes before you crack open the fizz. The same applies to party poppers – they should also be pointed away from people’s faces.

Lighting fireworks is a less common winter holiday activity, but if you are present during these displays, always practice proper eye safety.

What you eat and drink is important to maintaining excellent eye health. So why not incorporate eye-healthy foods in your holiday menu? Including foods like salmon, sunflower seeds, meat and poultry, sweet potatoes, spinach and carrots in your festive feast can boost your eye health and overall wellbeing. 

Basic precautions will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Prepare ahead of time, and enjoy the festive season safely. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at Gulf Coast Vision Center!