How to Treat an Eye Injury

​​An eye injury occurs when there is damage or trauma inflicted on your eye from an external source. Injury can occur on the surface of the eye, behind the eye or inside the eyeball. Your eye can sustain an injury from impact with a foreign object or exposure to a harmful substance. 

When an injury occurs, you need to seek professional eye care immediately. If necessary, schedule an eye exam and follow up with treatment. The longer you delay treatment, the more severe the injury becomes, which could cost you more in medical expenses and lead to poorer vision.

Common Signs of an Eye Injury

Eye injuries are not always immediate. They can develop over time and gradually worsen. You need to be aware of the symptoms so that you can seek treatment right away. Common signs of an eye injury include:

  • Chronic or severe pain
  • Poor vision
  • Visible cuts or tears
  • Poor or limited eye motion
  • Abnormal eyeball protrusion
  • Abnormal pupil size or shape
  • Blood in the eye
  • Immovable object in the eye

Common Eye Injuries

In most cases, eye injuries occur as a result of blunt trauma or harmful substances. Common injuries include:

  • Punches
  • Athletic injuries
  • Work-related injuries
  • Flying objects
  • Chemical exposure
  • Animal attacks or infestation

Personal Eye Treatment Dos and Don’ts

You can treat most minor eye injuries at home. Follow these guidelines for personal eye treatment.


  • Wash your eye with clean water.
  • Follow label instructions if a household product gets in your eye.
  • Take a pain reliever you have used in the past for discomfort.
  • Visit the ER immediately if an eye care provider is not available.


  • Remove an object that pierces the eye surface.
  • Touch your eye.
  • Apply makeup while your eye is healing.
  • Wear contact lenses while your eye is healing.
  • Apply ointment directly to the eye.

Schedule an Eye Exam

If you are unsure if you have an eye injury or chronic symptoms of an injury, schedule an eye exam at Gulf Coast Vision Center. An exam can detect serious injuries. We can also recommend the right treatment to help your eye heal. Contact the Gulf Coast Vision Center in Pace, Milton or Crestview, or one of our Pensacola locations at Nine Mile or East Hill to schedule a comprehensive eye exam today.